Let the beauty of what you love be what you do - Rumi

Allow *pure joy* to

flow into your heart ...

and compassion,

gratitude and love will

flow from it!


I have just started this website, fulfilling a long held dream, from my youth, to teach and integrate *yoga* into my very grateful life!  I want to share with YOU and others some of the lessons, joys, and many benefits of yoga I have learned on this beautiful journey.  Yoga is very personal so EVERYONE and EVERY-BODY will benefit in their own way, in their own time, fulfilling their own destiny and blessed journey, called LIFE!

Please feel free to email your thoughts, and any comments. as I am continuoiusly listening to you, learning with an open mind, and thank you with an open, joyful heart --- Lovingly Linda 



About me: I teach traditional Hatha Yoga, and varying forms of Vinyasa Flow and YIN Yoga, in Denmark.  Asanas are based primarily on postures which systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood through your body, restoring each body system, organ, muscle, tendon and fiber, to healthy working order, in natural harmony.  All classes, taught in English, are either private one-on-one sessions through this website, email to linda@pureyogajoy.dk, sign up on-line through Gribskov LOF or Ananda Yoga in Gilleleje. 


 A brief history: Starting early in life at the age of 22, in the early 1970's, I practiced yoga with ‘teachers of teachers’ inspired by B.K.S. Iyengar at The Yoga Institute in Houston, Texas.  My practical teaching path started years later in 2008, certifying at Yoga Therapy College, also in Houston.  In 2018, after retirement, continuing my training of Yoga Therapy, I re-certified *RYT* with INDIV Yoga of Switzerland.  Also training through the years with IAM Heart Rhythm Meditation I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of ‘Breath’ and the many benefits of breathing ‘through the heart' in Meditation. 

Registered Yoga Teacher and Alliance Member since 2018

Linda Garrett-Wiesner

Certified Yoga Therapist 


Certified Yoga Therapist


Heart Rhythm Meditation Guide

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